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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The best reading order for The Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum

The Dust Lands Trilogy

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Blood Red Road
Rebel Heart
Raging Star

Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars - book 1
Flawless - Pretty Little Liars - book 2
Perfect - Pretty Little Liars - book 3
Unbelievable - Pretty Little Liars - book 4
Wicked - Pretty Little Liars - book 5
Killer - Pretty Little Liars - book 6
Heartless - Pretty Little Liars - book 7
Wanted - Pretty Little Liars - book 8
Twisted - Pretty Little Liars - book 9
Ruthless - Pretty Little Liars - book 10
Stunning - Pretty Little Liars - book 11
Burned - Pretty Little Liars - book 12
Crushed - Pretty Little Liars - book 13
Deadly - Pretty Little Liars - book 14
Toxic - Pretty Little Liars - book 15
Vicious - Pretty Little Liars - book 16

Maximum Ride

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The Angel Experiment - Maximum Ride - book 1
School's Out Forever - Maximum Ride - book 2
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports - Maximum Ride - book 3
The Final Warning - Maximum Ride - book 4
Max - Maximum Ride - book 5
Fang - Maximum Ride - book 6
Angel - Maximum Ride - book 7
Nevermore - Maximum Ride - book 8
Maximum Ride Forever - Maximum Ride - book 9

Hetty Feather

The Hetty Feather books by Jacqueline Wilson

Hetty Feather book 1
Sapphire Battersea - Hetty Feather book 2
Emerald Star - Hetty Feather book 3
Diamond - Hetty Feather book 4
Little Stars - Hetty Feather book 5
Hetty Feather's Christmas - Hetty Feather book 6

Artemis Fowl

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Fizzlebert Stump

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Dork Diaries

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Captain Underpants

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Noughts & Crosses

The Noughts & Crosses trilogy quadrilogy by Malorie Blackman

Noughts & Crosses - book 1
Knife Edge - book 2 of the Noughts & Crosses trilogy
Checkmate - book 3 of the Noughts & Crosses trilogy
Double Cross - book 4 of the Noughts & Crosses quadrilogy

Magnus Chase

Reading order for the Magnus Chase books by Rick Riordan

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer
Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

Trials Of Apollo

What order should you read the "Trials Of Apollo" books? The brilliant fantasy series by Rick Riordan

The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo Book 1)
The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo Book 2)


The vampire-themed fantasy romance novels by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon
Twilight book 4 - Breaking Dawn

Tracy Beaker

The brilliant books written by Jacqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt

The Story of Tracy Beaker
The Dare Game
Starring Tracy Beaker

Wells & Wong / A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

"There's been a rather shocking murder at Deepdean school for girls..."

The exciting Wells & Wong detective series by Robin Stevens.

Murder Most Unladylike
Arsenic For Tea
First Class Murder
Jolly Foul Play
The Case of the Blue Violet - A Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery
The Case of the Deepdean Vampire
Mistletoe and Murder

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

The Maze Runner
The Scorch Trials
The Death Cure
The Kill Order


The Divergent series by Veronica Roth


The Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan

The Red Pyramid
The Throne of Fire
The Serpents Shadow

The 100

The exciting YA book series by Kass Morgan

The 100: Rebellion